When I was a tiny human, I would spend hours in my basement alone drawing. I knew I was good at art, sports, and being silly. I stopped growing in high school so any dreams of going to the US open weren’t happening. In addition, being a professional clown would be a hard career path. I enrolled in the VPA program at Syracuse University. I realized that Communications Design was just right! I knew absolutely nothing about design but fell in love with it. I discovered that passion, hard work, and being able to collaborate is far more important than talent. 

At Paperwhite, I help build a consistent branding system for each client, from the logo to messaging to packaging and signage. I create copy for brands including byChloe and Jack’s Wife Freda. While acting as client liaison, I am very detail oriented and organized. At Paperwhite, I strive to never present an idea that doesn’t make the client
insanely excited. 

Throughout my past and present jobs, as well as my freelance work I’ve had to execute at a fast pace with tight turn-around. At the creative agency Deep Focus, I took the lead on one of Lay’s mystery flavor activations. I helped grow brand presence for Nestle, Purina, and Lay’s. BarkBox has given me the opportunity to design for large scale events like BarkFest. I’ve worked to refresh web design for BarkShop and BarkPost. I've learned that a good idea gets the room excited and tells a great story.

In the summer of 2016 I launched a t-shirt company, Manny’s Girl, with the ladies of the Salzman Family. Manny’s Girl’s tees and tanks are sold in stores including Olive & Bettes and Havana Jeans. MG has collaborated with RVD Communications for influencer events. We donate a portion of our profits to Kids Kloset, a charity which provides clothing to children and families in need. This experience has taught me about selling, branding, collaborating and so much more.

Please e-mail me about freelance work!